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Qld’s 20-percent rego discounts from September


Queensland’s latest cost-of-living-reduction initiative is a 20-percent registration reduction applying to all light vehicles for 12 months.



OTA welcomes the initiative, but it’s not as glowing a prospect as the State’s Caravan Industry Association, Caravanning Queensland claims. In its July 2024 press release the Association reckons that: ‘The reduction will benefit caravan and tow vehicle owners with a 40-percent discount across their combination RV registrations’. 

Oh dear, someone wasn’t paying attention in their primary school maths class, because a 20-percent discount on the tow vehicle, plus a 20-percent discount on the caravan doesn’t amount to a 40-percent discount on the combination: it’s still 20-percent!

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Bart Mellish MP said that the reduction in fees will commence on 16th September 2024 and will apply to all light vehicles that have a 4.5t gross vehicle mass (GVM) rating or less.


































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