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Ineos Fusilier previewed


Ineos Automotive has previewed its Fusilier battery-electric powertrain (BEV) and range-extended electric powertrain (REEV) models.



Although both models have electric-only drive to all four wheels, the range-extender version has a small petrol engine that powers a generator to maintain the charge level of the battery, for when external charging isn’t available. 

The powertrain was developed in conjunction with automotive supplier, Magna, which also produces 4WD drivetrain components for other makers, including Mercedes-Benz. Ineos already partnered with Magna on the development of the Grenadier station wagon and Quartermaster pick-up.

The new 4WD is slightly shorter and lower than the Grenadier and is built on a bespoke ‘skateboard’ platform with steel bodywork and aluminium doors and bonnet.

Active grille shutters have been introduced, to manage airflow through the front of the vehicle, depending on its cooling or range-efficiency requirements: opening and closing automatically as required. (Such ‘shutterstat’ louvres used to feature on Post WWII North American heavy trucks.)

Flush glazing, integrated side steps and recessed door hinges maximise aerodynamics.

Confirmation of the alternative powertrain details and launch timing is expected in late-2024.


































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