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Hummer electric ute breaks cover in the USA

GMC has started taking orders in the USA for its brand new all-electric Hummer crew-cab ute. Variations in power, driving range and equipment levels are available and deliveries are scheduled for 2022.

While Australian politicians continue to ignore the electric revolution that the rest of the world is experiencing, progress continues. By the time the morons in Canberra wake up, we’ll be years behind everyone else in the OECD and also behind many developing countries.

Even in gas-guzzling US of A, GMC has obviously had the wisdom to ignore Trump’s and the GOP’s servitude to their oil-producing buddies.

The ‘Hummer’ name originally came from the US military’s go-anywhere, low-profile ute range, but after an absence of a few years has now been proudly stuck on the grilles of the GMC all-electric pickup range. A wagon derivative is also in development.

The new Hummer EV range is being released in backwards fashion: Edition 1 is the top-shelf, US$112,595 version that boasts a cool 750kW (1000hp) and estimated torque of 1300Nm from a three-motor powertrain.

Performance should be staggering and GMC claims a zero to 100km/h time around three seconds.

Claimed range between charges is 560km, but there’s no estimate given for towing range. A 3.5-tonne trailer will certainly reduce that range by one third and maybe more.

The lesser-spec’ US$100k model – EV3X – uses the same three-motor powertrain and will be followed by two-motor US$90k EV2X and US$80k EV2 models in 2023 and 2024.

We’re not sure what the specs of the lesser lights will be, but the Edition 1 model comes with adjustable-height air suspension that features a get-extracted mode to lift belly clearance by 150mm. It also has semi-autonomous Super Cruise and a huge 340mm (13.4-inch) display screen.

Another feature on this model is ‘crab-walking’, thanks to rear wheels that can steer up to 10 degrees. When counter-steering the front wheels this steer-ability should tighten the Hummer’s turning circle, but when parallel steering with the front wheels the vehicle can move in an offset direction. That could be handy in tight off-road situations and in parking lots.


































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