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Hino’s 2022 Dakar truck


Hino’s new rig for the 2022 Dakar Rally is based on the Hino US-market, bonneted 600 series truck that uses the 500 Series cab behind a FRP nose and mudguard unit. The rear bodywork is combination FRP and aluminium.



The racing rig has the Hino 700 Series’ nine-litre turbocharged diesel six that’s been developed for 2021 to produce 235-265kW in road-going trucks. However, for the Dakar it has been tweaked considerably to pump out 588kW and 2295Nm.

An electric battery/motor hybrid system contributes an additional 276bhp (206kW) and an unspecified amount of extra torque, available from zero revs. 

This power runs through a six-speed automatic transmission, with full-time all-wheel drive. There’s a centre differential lock and a transfer case that allows for switching between high- and low-range gearing.

An 800-litre fuel tank keeps the 8.6-tonnes truck going through the desert.

Note that it runs wide-single tyres that are not available from Hino for its commercial 4x4s.






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