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Diff lock over-ride for D-MAX/BT-50


Many factory-fitted differential locks are computer controlled, restricting activation to conditions that include 4L engagement and some wheel slip. That can be a nuisance in situations where pre-emptive diff lock engagement is desirable.



We can understand why OEMs restrict diff lock engagement, because inexperienced drivers can get into serious trouble, on and off road, by incorrect operation of a diff lock. However, experienced off roaders know that there are many occasions when it’s safer to pre-engage diff locks – particular the rear axle lock – to avoid getting bogged.

Titan Off Road has come up with a simple over-ride control for the current D-MAX and its BT50 clone. Once fitted, it bypasses the factory-fitted restrictions, allowing the rear diff lock to be engaged at any time, in any driving mode and also cancels the 30km/h upper speed limit. Novices beware!

The kit comes with a black box and wiring that simply plugs into the factory module under the dashboard. It operates via the standard diff-lock switch.

We bought one to evaluate and fitted it, without tools, in around two minutes. Our early impressions are excellent, letting us choose when we want to click in the lock that engages and disengages quickly and smoothly. 

As with the standard diff lock protocol, ABS, traction control and stability control are cancelled when the lock is engaged, so it needs to be used judiciously, by an experienced driver.


































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