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Book Review – The Ferals that Ate Australia by Guy Hull 


Guy Hull’s previous best-seller was called The Dogs that Made Australia and he’s followed it up with a sad history of the feral populations that have made life a misery for many Australians – indigenous and immigrants – over the past 200 years.



We’re all familiar with Australia’s feral invader problems, but it’s alarming to see the degree of stupidity and self-interest that were the causes of many of these invasions. It’s also distressing to read about the poor science that led to some of the biological ‘controls’ that became disasters.

Guy Hull’s style is ‘professional vernacular’, typified by this paragraph from his introduction:

‘The animals that feral-bombed Australia are like the uninvited visitors who saw the light on, dropped in, made themselves at home, cleaned out the fridge and never left.’

Guy gives due credit to a previous 1969 tome on this sorry topic, They All Ran Wild, by Eric Rolls, but adds more recent disasters to an already depressing list of absurdities.

Guy Hull’s book is an excellent read that should be compulsory for all bush travellers Down Under. Check it out at abcbooks.com.au .


































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