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Bendix partners with Outback Cleanups Australia


Bendix has partnered with Outback Cleanups Australia, a registered not-for-profit charity, dedicated to removing rubbish from Australia’s remote coastal areas, bushlands and marine environments.



Outback Cleanups Australia founder Boe Langford established the organisation in 2019 and, with his partner Kimberley Baraiolo, travels across the country in a 75 Series Toyota LandCruiser.

The mission is a journey to clean up Australia and help preserve its unique and stunning landscape for future generations.

With more than 61 tonnes of rubbish  – and counting – removed since its inception, the Outback Cleanups team shows no signs of slowing down.

Bendix is now fully committed as an official partner and is proud to be supporting Outback Cleanups Australia on its mission. The Bendix support helps the couple continue their travels and spreads awareness about the important work that OCA does. 



































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