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An overdue evaluation of this premium brand's multi-purpose tyre.


We hadn’t evaluated a set of Toyo Open Country tyres for about 15 years, so it was long overdue. 


Our last test on our old HiLux was very successful, until the tyres were three-quarters worn and the tread-base compound didn’t have the wet-road grip that we had become used to.

The latest A/T IIs were said to have greatly improved compounds and structure, so we were keen to evaluate them.



We have only eight test vehicles to do tyre evaluation at Outback Travel Australia, so sometimes there’s a backlog of new tyres we’d like to check out. We bought a set of Toyo Open Country A/T II tyres in late 2020 and fitted them to an OTA Team LandCruiser 200 Series.



The tyres were 285/65R17 size and their duty cycle was quite demanding. All their kilometres were on and off road, hauling a JB caravan. The vehicle and caravan are right on GVM and we’ve fitted tyre pressure monitoring to make sure the tyres are always at optimum pressure.

We dropped pressure for dirt roads and tracks.

The tyres have performed faultlessly on all our test surfaces, including some rugged country in Tasmania and have clocked up just shy of 30,000km, with only minimal wear of around three millimetres.

Their handling, with and without the van behind, has been predictable and there have been no punctures to date. Road noise is negligible.

We’ll have another update in late-2024.





























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