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Engineered for safer front end lifts on some Toyota models.

Raising independent-suspension front ends is fraught with difficulty and often results in misaligned wheels and excessive suspension component wear. Ironman’s new upper control arms promise to remedy that situation.

Raising IFS-equipped 4WD front ends needs great care, because it’s possible to finish up with undesirable suspension and steering geometry.
Fitting oversized tyres is another issue that needs to be addressed, or steering can become dangerously compromised.

The new Ironman forged aluminium upper control arms can use standard or optional ball joints, but are designed to allow a greater range of ball joint articulation.
That compensates for the additional ‘droop’ that’s caused by taller coil strut assemblies.

The new arms are forged, not cast or fabricated, ensuring maximum strength for a given weight and are warranted for three years or 60,000km.

The arms are designed for optimum suspension and steering angles at standard height and up to 50mm ground clearance increase.

Height increases up to 75mm are possible, Ironman says, but this requires additional suspension modification.

Initial stocks are available to suit Toyota HiLux and Fortuner (2005+MY), Prado 120 and 150, FJ Cruiser, Tacoma (2005+MY) and 4Runner (2003+).



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