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Engineered for safer IFS lifts.

Raising independent-suspension front ends (IFS) is fraught with difficulty and often results in misaligned wheels and excessive suspension component wear. Replacement upper control arms promise to remedy that situation.


Raising IFS-equipped 4WD front ends needs great care, because it’s possible to finish up with undesirable suspension and steering geometry.

Fitting oversized tyres is another issue that needs to be addressed, or steering can become dangerously compromised.

Replacement upper control arms can use standard or optional ball joints and are designed to allow a greater range of ball joint articulation.

That compensates for the additional ‘droop’ that’s caused by taller coil strut assemblies.

The new arms can be forged, cast or fabricated, and are available for popular IFS-equipped 4WDs from reliable suppliers.

The arms are designed for optimum suspension and steering angles at standard height and up to 50mm ground clearance increase.

Height increases up to 75mm are possible, with some replacement control arms, but this modification normally needs additional suspension work and engineering approval.

As can be seen in the below photograph the replacement upper arm has a changed ball joint position.





























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