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Greatly improved braking for loaded utes.

Heavily loaded utes are common sights on bush roads and tracks. Braking power could do with an improvement we’ve reckoned for some time and Pedders agrees with us. 

At OTA we’ve been complaining for years about the underdone utes we’re being served up by most vehicle makers. Loaded utes regularly bend and break chassis in the bush and braking power is lacking when utes are loaded to maximum or increased GVM. The situation is worse if that ute is then coupled to a trailer that can weigh up to 3500kg.

Padders has a rear axle disc brake conversion cure.

Nearly all medium utes in the Australian market retain drum rear brakes, presumably because that’s the cheapest way to provide a reliable handbrake, given the large lining area a drum rear brake has. Also, in the case of an unladen ute, the front axle discs do most of the braking job.

However, load that ute to its gross vehicle mass (GVM) or to an increased GVM and the standard disc/drum arrangement is found wanting.

Pedders has come up with TrakRyder rear axle disc brake conversion kits that currently fit Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and Isuzu Ute D-Max.

The kits include slotted rear brake rotors that incorporate parking brake drums; new backing plates; disc callipers and ceramic pads; hub seals and additional brake lines.

Pedders claims the conversion kits meet ADR35/05 compliance requirements and the independent test results the company quotes are most impressive.

A test HiLux, loaded to Pedders GVM+ maximum, recorded an average stopping distance of 96 metres, with a deceleration rate of 4.35m/sec/sec with standard rear brake drums. With the TrakRyder disc brake kit fitted the average stopping distance shortened to only 64 metres, with a deceleration rate of 6.2m/sec/sec.

The TrakRyder kits are available at Pedders outlets and, when installed by Pedders technicians, the kit attracts a two-year, 40,000km warranty.






























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