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We've been using well designed and well made gear for years.
At OTA we’ve been using canvas protectors and hold-alls for many years.

If you check out our 75 Series LandCruiser bush vehicle you’ll see canvas all through the cabin.

The longest-serving items we have are seat-back and cab-wall organisers that hold all the bits and pieces we use and don’t want to have to rummage through conventional storage bags to find.

All our needed items sit in little pockets where they’re easy to see.

We’ve had these bags for 15 years and they’ve served us well in three different vehicles.

Like all serious bush travellers we take tools with us for bush repairs. On every trip the tools earn their keep, doing tasks from replacing a lost rivet from a camping chair, to repairing a hole in a radiator or fixing broken shock absorber mounts.

Over the years we’ve tried every type of toolbox, but inevitably, tools get shaken around; the box gets grease and dirt in it that makes everything grubby and the tool you want is always at the bottom of a pile of other stuff.

The tool-carrying solution for us is a canvas tool roll. The canvas pockets in this roll store everything from a big hammer to tweezers. To access the tools it’s a simple matter of undoing the Velcro straps and laying the roll out on the ground. Everything is easy to access.

We’ve used Recaro seats in our last three bush vehicles, despite the considerable cost of these replacement seats. Protecting this investment from abrasion and soiling is down to a set of canvas car seat covers.


These heavy-duty canvas covers were custom made to suit our exact-model Recaro seats and fitted, literally, like gloves. They’re not slippery to sit on and protect the seat fabric and the fabric on the arm rests.

We also have two dashboard organisers that are great for stowing sunglasses, pens, business cards, multi-tools, tyre gauges … the list goes on.