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These three products maximise fridge-slide versatility

These three fridge-slide enhancements from Clearview can make bush camping easier.  There’s a cable tidy, an extension tray and a full slide-out Pantry.

The Clearview Cable Saver is purpose designed to stow fridge leads so that they can’t get caught or damaged in fridge-slide mechanisms.

Any fridge that slides out on runners needs around a metre of slack cable that has to follow the fridge on its outward slide and then be kept out of the runners and the slide frames as the fridge is slid back in.

It’s not unusual for leads to get caught and if the fridge is in a cupboard enclosure it’s very difficult to clear it. Often the fridge has to be manually hauled out and the cable cleared.

If the fridge is full that’s not an easy exercise.

Worse, if the lead is cut it’ll need splicing back together again.

The Cable Saver is a shaped wire strut on a magnetic base that can attach to any fridge slide. The strut has a coiled mid-section to allow flexibility and a coiled tail at the top, to hold the centre of the lead. This simple device allows slack in the lead, but keeps it high up and away from the bearing runners and frame.

The tail of the Cable Saver can be trimmed if necessary to the required height, but is supplied at 560mm height. RRP is $50.00.


Another fridge-slide embellishment is a clip-on/clip-off tray that fixes to Clearview’s Easy Slide fridge-slide.

The tray comes with a branded bag for stowage in a vehicle ready for when you may need it. The tray is designed to fits only the Clearview Easy Slide.

Tray measurements are 454mm (L) x 390mm (W). The total product measurements are 474mm (L) x 474 (W)

RRP is $89.00

Clearview’s slide-out Pantry has a compact folding design with modular components and a key-lockable lid and front access door. Modular design means all
parts are removable for maintenance.

Access to the 74L of storage volume is via the front access door and a top opening. There are dual work platforms and an additional sliding sink platform,
with lock-in/lock-out function.

The Pantry has a powder-coated aluminium
body and lid, with stainless steel fasteners and powder-coated zinc alloy hinges and locks.

The brushed finish, sliding platform and sink platform are constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

The fixed platform measures 530mm (L) x 350mm (W) and the sliding platform, 570mm (L) x 345mm (W).

The sliding sink platform has a cut out (that accommodates a 9L collapsible silicone sink that’s provided with the Pantry.

Dimensions are: closed – 660mm (L) x 380mm (W) x 530mm (H) – and open – 1280mm (L) x 380mm (W) x 530mm (H). The sink platform out adds 545mm to the open

Clearview’s Pantry weighs 23kg and comes fully assembled.It’s designed to fit onto Clearview Easy Slide ES-100 and ES-150** and Clearview Expanda Fridge

RRP is $899 and the Pantry comes with 12 months warranty on moving parts.






























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