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An engineered fix for the narrrow rear track on V8 LandCruiser 70 Series.

The Multidrive Tru Tracker rear track correction system for the V8-powered LC79 and 78 Series widens the track of the rear axle so that it matches the front. (Why Toyota couldn’t be bothered to do this remains a mystery.)

tru trackerUnfortunately, the Tru Tracker kit can’t be fitted to the 76 wagon that has a plain-tube housing, not the OEM-reinforced housings of the heavier-duty models.

Tru Tracker kits are suitable for ABS and non-ABS models, with or without diff locks.

Some owners have fitted wheel spacers to the rear ends of their 78 and79 Series to widen the track, but Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB) 14 states that the track width of a vehicle cannot be changed by offset rims or spacers by more than 25mm on each side.

This restriction ensures the axle tube, bearing and hub loads remain within manufacturing tolerances. Heavily offset rims or 50mm wheel spacers increase loads to an unacceptable level.

The Tru Tracker system is properly engineered and tested, with extended stub ends that relocate the entire hub assembly. This maintains the bearing load path as designed by Toyota.

Multidrive has full Secondary Stage Manufacturers’ compliance for this modification, taking. ownership of the housing as a secondary manufacturer. Engineering documentation certifies the Tru Tracker axle as a new housing, not just a modified OEM axle.

The ideal fitment is before new vehicle registration at Multidrive’s Geelong workshop, or a growing number of authorised fitment workshops around Australia. The cost for this service is $2790.00 excluding GST.

tru trackerFor fitment to already registered vehicles the cost is $3190.00 excluding GST.

A DIY kit is available, for $2440.00 excluding GST.

A complete replacement housing is available for $4685 excluding GST, to fit all 79, 78 and 76 Series vehicles.

Engineering approval and road authority inspection is required for all fitments and the procedure varies from state to state.

Mudguard modification or flares for Troopies aren’t included in these prices.

Multidrive offers a three-year, 100,000km warranty on the remanufactured axle assembly.
































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