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Ryco Filters has been given an industry award for its latest catch can.


RYCO Filters was recognised again as one of the Australia’s most innovative companies in the latest instalment of the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) BOSS Magazine awards.

Outback Travel Australia’s research into the whole diesel modification business – including catch cans – makes us very cautious about recommending any changes to a standard engine. We’ve covered the diesel engine mods ramifications here.

Because of our findings we’ve not previously run any press release material or advertising about engine chips, remapping, emissions cheating devices, or catch cans. However, when an AFR subsidiary publication makes an award for such a device, we can’t just ignore it.

The September 2023 awards for second place in the Manufacturing and Consumer Goods category went to Ryco’s RCC360 Catch Can, making it the fifth consecutive year in which Ryco Filters has been featured in the AFR awards.

The RCC360 Catch Can was three years in development and drew on Ryco’s filtration expertise, technology advancements and the company’s recent experience as the official filtration partner of Supercars, one of the most demanding motorsport categories in the country. 

Specifically developed with hardworking 4WDs in mind, the RCC360 Catch Can removes oil droplets from the engine crankcase PCV airstream, before they can be fed into the combustion chambers.

Rico said that by removing contaminants down to one micron in size from crankcase gases, the RCC360 Catch Can helps protect the engine, which can lead to improved performance and longevity. 

The RCC360 incorporates an internal bypass system and service indicator that lets owners and mechanics know when it’s time to change an internal filter. Additionally, the RCC360 Catch Can features a ‘quick connect’ elbow fitting with 360-degree swivel motion, allowing for a range of mounting options and a 12mm drain fitting allows fast draining.

In commenting on the BOSS Magazine award, RYCO Filters General Manager of Engineering and Innovation, Alastair Hampton, said the company had a strong culture of innovation and constant improvement.

“RYCO continually looks to push the boundaries with a view to developing the best and most innovative products possible for its customers,” he said.

“This is the fifth year in a row that we’ve ranked in the top 10 and our second placing in 2023 reinforces the hard work of our team and we’re extremely humbled. 

“The result also motivates us to continue working hard to deliver market-leading filtration solutions for motorists,” Alastair said. 

On the thorny question of engine warranties where catch cans are fitted, Ryco gave OTA the following statement:

“Ryco understands that catch cans can have a poor reputation amongst OEMs and the RCC360 was designed knowing that there are a lot of other catch cans that have been known to interfere with PCV systems. 

“We have a lot of experience from our first catch can release, and the RCC360 Is an improvement on that;  backed up by our rigorous testing and experienced engineers. 

“We also know that part of the issue caused by catch cans is the lack of servicing done by owners, so the service indicator was an important feature for us to include, as a reminder to 4WDers that the RCC360 needs to be serviced to work effectively and ensure the longevity of the engine. 

“We can appreciate that OEMs are not believers in third-party catch cans, but we are willing to put the RCC360 to the test and challenge these views.”




























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