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A replacement system that is made better and breathes better.

The Redback Extreme Duty project began in 2012, with the goal of making the toughest bolt-on 4WD exhaust systems available anywhere in Australia. After having a post-2015 system installed on one of the OTA Team vehicles, we reckon the project has been a success.

Every existing Redback system has been re-engineered, taking into account aftermarket accessories that might hinder fitment on other than a stock vehicle. Long range fuel tanks, side steps, larger spare wheels and other accessories were installed prior to development, to solve potential fitment issues.

Stronger, 10mm-thick, four-bolt flange plates are used, instead of the industry standard 8mm two- or three-bolt plates and tube-to-tube connections eliminate gasket failure.

Straight-through performance mufflers are designed with an internal reinforced bulkhead to protect against strikes while off-roading.  Mufflers also have a pressed tube support bracket added from the muffler body to the pipework to strengthen the joint and prevent breaks on the weld points.

The traditional method of welding section of 10mm bar to the muffler or pipe as a hanger mount was discarded, in favour of a doubled-wrapped hanger mount for the ultimate in durability.

Every system comes with an oxygen sensor for optional installation of tuning equipment and an NPT bung for installation of an EGT probe.

Every Redback Extreme Duty system is packed with a comprehensive installation kit that includes OEM gaskets, new rubber isolators, custom Australian-made gaskets and German-made Wurth hardware.  A service kit is provided and each kit includes a stainless 304 exhaust tip.

Redback Extreme Duty kits are offered in Pipe Only, First Flange Back, Muffler Only or Cat/Muffler systems and all are modular, allowing bolt-on part replacement.

For more on Redback Extreme Duty 4WD Exhaust Systems check out A1 Exhausts Australia Wide.


Redback in action

redback exhaust We bought our evaluation Redback exhaust system from an Opposite Lock outlet in Caloundra, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The system was fitted to a new LandCruiser 79 Series owned by OTA Team Members, Linda and Darrell White.

Before removing the stock exhaust system Opposite Lock Caloundra’s Nick Flanigan ran the ‘Cruiser on the workshop dyno and came up with a rear wheel output of 98kW, with peak torque of 475Nm.

Then the tray-back went up on a hoist and he set about removing the stock system. About 40 minutes later the factory pipes and muffler were on the floor and the Redback kit was set out beside it. Fit and finish – as well as diameter – were well up on the stock plumbing and also obvious was the quality of the brackets, gaskets and fasteners.

redback exhaust The Redback kit fitted up in about the same time, with very little needed in the way of bracket or pipe juggling.

The LandCruiser was fitted with air-assist rear springs, so their supply hoses had to be moved slightly; a retained pipe bracket needed a slight touch
with the grinder and the rear mudguard on the tray had to be angled slightly forward to clear the fatter tailpipe.

Nick Flanigan checked the system for leaks and then sat it back on the dyno rollers for the moment of truth.

With a distinctly raspier note than standard the engine now pumped out 108kW and 520Nm at the rear wheels – a 10-percent improvement.

redback exhaust On-road response in fourth and fifth gears was noticeably sharper and on Darrell’s favourite test hill – the 12-percent climb up to Maleny from Landsborough – the ‘Cruiser managed the entire climb in fifth, compared with fourth gear he previously needed.

Since then, Darrell and Linda’s  Redback ‘Cruiser has done years of severe bush tripping, with no issues.

Here’s a video we filmed of the installation process:




























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