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Locally engineered axle mods for increased clearance.


Portal hubs feature on many high ground clearance military-type machines, including the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. You can have these fitted to your LandCruiser ute, but they’re not cheap.

A locally engineered portal axle kit forthe Toyota Model VDJ79 single and dual cab LandCruiser is possibly the ultimate lift kit, providing 150mm (six inch) legal lift under the axle.

Portal hubs are also known as ‘drop boxes’ that use gears inside their hubs to move the wheel centre lines below the axle centre lines.

Designed and manufactured by Mark’s 4WD Adaptors, the new axle provides greater clearance under both axles and corrects the track width of the rear axle to match the front. wheels and increases the gross vehicle mass to 3780kg.

The axle conversion kit includes air operated free-wheeling hubs; one-piece cast swivel housings; a transmission drum handbrake on the transfer case; reinforced diff housings; Delios Promek slotted disc brake rotors; ceramic brake pads and stainless-steel braided brake lines.

The conversion also allows an increase in tyre size to 315/70/17 – the equivalent of 35-inch tyres.

The range of portal axles available from Mark’s 4WD covers Toyota HDJ78 and 79; HZJ78 and 79; HZJ105; FZJ105; VDJ76, 78 and 79 models and Nissan Patrol GU.

The axles to suit the VDJ79 series are second stage manufacturer compliant and are legal in all states of Australia.

Marks 4WD Portal Axles are available directly from Mark’s 4WD Adaptors or leading 4WD outlets at a recommended price around 20 grand.






























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