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Ultra Vision has released what it claims is the most powerful, longest-beam LED driving light on the market. It’s aimed at truckies and those who do a lot of outback night driving.

A pair of Nitro Maxx 180s  has a measured output of one lux at 1.8 kilometres. Because that range isn’t required all the time, the lamps come with high-low switching that, at 20-percent power, reduces that beam length to a more normal 600 metres.

The switching between medium-distance spread beam and the additional long-distance beam is achieved by a special wiring harness that comes with every pair of Nitro Maxx 180s and is operated by a small dashboard button. The Nitro Maxx 180s can’t connect to a normal driving light harness.

In addition, the 19 LEDs in each lamp can be ordered with a choice of 4000 Kelvin or 5700K colour temperature. The company’s website clearly shows the difference, with the 4000K setting giving warmer, more natural colour than the slightly bluish 5700K temperature.

That much lighting power and flexibility doesn’t come cheaply, so expect to pay $850-$900 per light. With the new 180s Ultra Vision is targeting 4WD long distance night-time bush drivers and truck operators.

Construction is a die-cast, 3.45kg, 230mm-diameter aluminium housing, with polycarbonate lens, separate protective clear cover and 4mm stainless steel, U-shaped bracket. A theft-resistant locking nut is standard.

We tested a pair of Ultra
Vision Nitro Maxx 180s and were very impressed with their performance. We pointed them down our two-kilometre test road and they lit it beautifully.

Fitting was easy enough, but we did employ an auto-electrician to do the harness installation, bearing in mind the likely current draw needed to give the claimed level of brightness and distance.

They rival an LED/HID Lightforce DL230HTX pair for distance and beam flexibility. The advantage the Nitro Maxx 180s have over the DL230HTXs is that they’re all-LED, so there should be no need to replace the long-distance globes.

However, LEDs use more current than HIDs and we measured current draw for the pair of Nitro Maxx 180s at 27.11 amps on full power, compared with only 4.25 amps on the 20-percent, spread-beam setting. Vehicles with truck-sized alternators or 24-volt electrical systems shouldn’t have a problem delivering that power for prolonged periods, but lesser machinery might struggle.

If you’re in the market for a pair of serious night-blasters the Ultra Vision Nitro Maxx 180 LEDs are with considering.



























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