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This popular European brand has come Down Under.


One of Europe’s favourite automotive lighting brands, Strands Lighting’s product range is topped with ‘Siberia’ LED driving lights and bars.



Strands lights have compact dimensions and multiple mounting options, including on or behind the grille and above the numberplate, mean that in many cases a ‘roo or nudge bar is not essential.  

The initial Siberia LED Driving Lights were seven-inch and nine-inch variants, featuring IP67/69K water and dust ingress resistance ratings, aluminium housings and tough polycarbonate lenses.

Siberia were single and double row bars in straight and curved options that matched the curve of windscreens for roof mounting. Light bar length options were also extensive, spanning from eight-inches to 50-inches.



Like all ECE-compliant lights the initial Strands units were mid-distance lights and boasted typical beam power of one lux at 300+metres to 500+m.


Strands 40-inch single-row light bar pattern


Strands seven-inch driving light pattern


However, in mid-2024, Strands introduced the higher-powered Siberia Outlaw range. The 32-inch double row model produced a claimed 1 lux of light at 1466 metres and featured a position light between both LED rows, with owners able to alternative between white and amber colour output.

RRP was $1400.



Aside from forward lighting, Siberia also has several compact work lamp models.

All lights come with cable and mounting hardware and are covered by a three-year warranty.





























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