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These driving lights are well made and keenly priced

A Stedi Type-X pair of LED driving lights produces a NATA-accredited photometric laboratory tested 13,310 lumens, which is considerably more nett light volume than many prominent brands that cost up to three times the price.


The Stedi Type-X pair also produces a claimed
peak beam distance of 838 metres at one lux.

Build quality seems to be very good, with a cast-aluminium A360 housing, layered with a polyester UV and abrasion-resistant powder coating. The lens is 3mm-thick Lexan.

The housing and lens assembly is IP68-rated for dust and water entry and is claimed waterproof to three metres depth. A Gore membrane allows for pressure equalisation.

Electrical connections are sealed Deutsch DT2 types and Stedi’s Pure-Drive circuit design is said to allow 97-percent of input power to go directly to the LEDs.

The Type-X has EMI and RFI suppression circuitry and is warranted for five years.

Each 8.5-inch diameter driving light holds 40 Osram Oslon LEDs, of which 12 have wide-beam reflectors that form a lateral flood pattern, designed to minimise light ‘scatter’. The spot beam spread is a narrow 5.8 degrees and wide beam is 50 degrees.

Colour temperature is Crystal White 5700 Kelvin colour temperature with excellent Colour Rendering Index (CRI).

Stedi Type-X driving lights are priced at $599 per pair, including an easy-fit high beam wiring harness, two clear protective covers and two branded back covers. Free delivery is available Australia-wide.

Our test pair fitted up very easily, thanks to well-designed and robustly sized screws and nuts. The base plate reinforcements were generous and with a three-screw base attachment and two-screw side attachment the Stedi Type-X lights had zero shake on rough surfaces. Adjustment was also very easy.

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