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Stedi has improved on the Type-X.


In 2016 Stedi released the original Type-X that disrupted the high performance driving light market. With the introduction of the PRO Edition Stedi said it is again redefining the driving light category.



The Type-X PRO edition is said to maximise light output and reliability at levels that surpass those of the most respected brands in the industry.

Using the latest optic simulation modelling, the reflector geometry was tweaked over and over again, to achieve the most functional beam pattern.


A one-lux beam distance of 1155 metres is outstanding in the LED lighting world, but Stedi reckons the real strength of the Type-X PRO is its mid- to long-range light distribution:

“The key focus was on driver confidence, by increasing the beam throw so the driver has longer analysis time,” Stedi engineers said.

“We maximised driver comfort by smoothing out the beam; eliminating shadows and we reduced the light wasted in unimportant zones like treetops and immediately in front of the vehicle.

“The result is a homogeneous, unrelenting beam that that will support you well in any adventure.”

Each Type-X PRO lamp has six flood reflectors for improved light distribution onto the road shoulders. This eliminates the need to add wide beam covers, which are not only less efficient at distributing light, but restrict light transmission.


To achieve genuine category-leading performance the Type-X Pro is equipped with 37 Oslon High-Flux LEDs, with the highest lumen density per square millimetre of any comparable LED on the market, Stedi said.

The hard-coated optical grade lens is derived from ballistic glass, making it virtually indestructible and a UV stabiliser has been added to ensure the lens won’t discolour or degrade.

Pink, green, blue, orange, grey or black inner ring fasteners are independent of the main sealing structure, allowing buyers to choose the colour that best suits. Grey and orange are in the kit and for black, there’s simply no ring at all. Coloured filters and iconic Stedi smile covers are backwards-compatible.

The Type-X PRO mounting brackets are 10mm-thick, pressure die-cast aluminium that’s ribbed to ensure no vibration and fatigue resistance. The bracket was designed to withstand vibration from extreme and prolonged corrugations.

RRP at launch was $690 for a pair of lights, delivered to your door in Oz – unbeatable value for money, we reckon.

We tested a pair of these lights and were very impressed with the quality of the lights and the reversible mountings that should allow fitment to most  ‘roo bars.

The combined beams offered bright light out to a kilometre on our test roads and there was adequate spread as well. Stedi’s efforts to eliminate much of the waste light that nearly all LED driving lights emit was quite noticeable. Check out the following video.





























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