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This light bar has 320W output in a compact housing.

Stedi has packed 32 10-watt Cree LEDs into a 545mm (21.5-inch) light bar that can fit onto most nudge and ‘roo bars. It has brilliant distance and spread characteristics, as our test video shows only too clearly.

“We conceptualised a light bar that would be diabolic, something excessive, over the top, a real savage,” is how Stedi’s blurb on the ST3303 runs. “Then, we went ahead and made it.

“No other light bar on the market encapsulates 32 x 10W Cree XM-L2 LEDs inside a 21.5-inch housing.”

The ST3303 draws 16.4 amperes at 13.6V and has 32mm-diameter parabolic reflectors. It comes with RFI and EMI suppression circuitry that’s guaranteed not to interfere with radio and communication equipment.

Warranty on light performance and workmanship is five years.

Construction is cast aluminium with a Lexan lens and the assembly is IP68 submersible to three metres. There are three adjustable bottom mounts that slide along the unit to match existing attachment holes.

The full flood beam design gives a 50-degree light beam spread and distance is a claimed one lux at around 600 metres. Our testing validated those claims and we reckon the ST3303 has enough light output for most people’s bush-travel needs: not bad for around $370, including Australia-wide shipping.

The ST3303 comes boxed with a full installation kit that includes high-current Deutsch DTP-2 25A connectors, easy-fit plug & play wiring harness, switch, 60-amp fuse and relay, and HB3 and H4 piggy back high beam light adaptors.

We’re doing durability testing on this high-performance bar.




























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