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The Manager30 can charge all battery types - including lithium.

Redarc’s Manager30 can charge auxiliary Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as well as lead acid, calcium and AGM batteries.

redarc manager30The Manager30 operates like six separate products: an auxiliary vehicle battery charger while on the move; a 240-volt charger; a solar regulator; a battery isolator; a remote battery monitor and a load-disconnect controller.

All functions display on the remote battery monitor screen.

A user-programmable load-disconnect feature allows an external relay or solenoid to be switched by the Manager30, based on battery voltage or battery state of charge.

This means that no matter the type of battery and load combination, the Manager30 can ensure that the battery can’t discharge to the point of damage.

New to the Manager30 in 2015 was additional control over the load-disconnect feature. The unit allowed for deeper discharge levels, to accommodate the increased performance of LiFePO4 batteries.

There was also a load-disconnect override, allowing the user to switch loads (such as lights) back on temporarily, in order to connect a charging source.

Green power priority means that, like its predecessor, the Manager30 has been designed to charge an auxiliary battery from multiple sources simultaneously. If 12-volt solar power input is available, solar power will be used before 240V mains or DC vehicle power.


Third generation Manager30

In April 2020 Redarc Electronics released the next-generation Manager30, along with a variant of the Manager30 that is supplied with the RedVision display. This provides connectivity of the Manager30 to the RedVision Smartphone app, allowing real-time monitoring of the battery state of charge.

This third-generation of Manager30 follows the original that was released in 2014, and the second-generation in late 2015.

The main enhancements in this new-generation Manager30 are software functionality and easing the installation process and mounting options.

Redarc’s managing director, Anthony Kittel said: “Industry and customer feedback plays a key role in our product development process.

“The next generation Manager30 features updates that improve performance and improve installation flexibility.

“It also gives customers the option of using the RedVision display that can also connect to a SmartPhone app to allow remote monitoring.”

Like all Redarc products, the Manager30 comes with a two-year, hassle-free warranty, technical support and after-sales services.

For more information visit redarc.com.au/manager


Manager30 on test

Our current (poor pun) test program involves the 2015-model MD30 battery management system controlling power input in our slide-on Tray Tek camper.

That charger was fitted in January 2016 and, in late 2021, had completed eight major bush trips. On those trips we experienced varying weather conditions, so the charger’s three-mode charging system got a workout.

We checked its operating mode several times each day and monitored battery voltage every morning, after overnight fridge operation. The lowest voltage we experienced was 13.2V.

The Manager30 used solar power whenever possible – even with 240V mains power plugged in – and our 200W mono-crystaline solar panel fed some amps into the charger nearly all the time.

Only very thick cloud reduced solar input to less than one amp, at which point the Manager30 needed power for the lithium battery from the engine alternator. That happened only twice in our eight bush trips.

The Manager30 edged slightly over its rated 30-amp charge capacity with mains or alternator input, giving a very fast recharge. Normally, with typical solar input around 6.5 amps the lithium battery recovered in a couple of hours every sunny morning.