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Jump starters that use safer lithium ferro-phosphate technology

Projecta’s range of Emergency Jump Starters has grown, following the introduction of two models that feature lithium ferro-phosphate technology, for maximum safety when recharging.

Many jump starters have mobile-phone style lithium cobalt batteries that are prone to overheating and catching fire in some circumstances. (That’s why airlines don’t want you fiddling around trying to find your phone if you drop it between the seats – crushing it with the seat recline mechanism can cause a fire!)

Both battery types use lithium-ion chemistry, but lithium ferro-phosphate (LIFePO₄) is much more stable than lithium cobalt (LiCoO2).

The Projecta Lithium Jump starters are available in two models, a 950A 12V (LS950) unit and a more powerful 1250A (LS1250) 12V variant.

Each unit is rated for around eight times more starting power than equivalent jump starters with lead acid components.

Other benefits include a long storage life without needing recharging, making them ideal for use in emergencies and for storage in a vehicle with the knowledge that they will be ready to go if the need arises.

Operating at 12V also ensures that the Jump Starters are suitable for a majority of motorcycle, passenger car, four wheel drive and light commercial vehicles, as well marine batteries.

The LS950 boasts 950A peak amps and 290A clamp power, providing enough power to start diesel engines up to 3.2 litres displacement and petrol power plants up to 6.0 litres. The larger LS1250 with its 1250A peak amps and 400A clamp power takes this performance to a higher level, able to start diesel
engines up to 4.5 litres and petrol engines up to 7.0 litres.

To ensure the safety for the operator, vehicle and Jump Starter, the new range allows simple fool-proof connection and features a number of in-built protection measures including surge, over voltage, battery over temperature, reverse polarity, short circuit, over current, over cranking and under voltage projection.

As well as being jump starters, the LS950 and LS1250 can also be used as power banks, charging mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices such as satnav systems via both units’2.1 and 1.0 Amp USB Ports.

Other standard features are heavy duty, spark-free clamps and a digital screen that displays the vehicle and jump starter voltage.

Recharging the Jump Starters is via 240V and 12V cigarette lighter plug chargers. Both models include a durable, padded carry bag for transportation and protection when not in use.

Projecta’s 12V LS950 and LS1250 Emergency Lithium Iron Jump Starters can be purchased at all leading automotive, transport and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia at approximately $290 for the LS950 and $395 for the LS1250 model.