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An OL-brand range of round and bar LED driving lights.

An Adventurer range of LED lights complements Opposite Lock’s lineup that includes products from Lightforce, Ultravision and Roadvision.


The Adventurer range consists of seven-inch
and nine-inch LED driving lights, 12-inch and 22-inch single, and 14-inch and 22-inch dual-row LED bars, plus anti-theft and installation accessories.

All Opposite Lock Adventurer lights come with multi-voltage 10-30V DC input, waterproof DT Deutsch connectors, 304 stainless steel hardware and have electrical and radio interference protection.

Adventurer LED lighting comes with a five-year warranty.

The press release has representation light graphs that may be misunderstood if you don’t read the actual beam specifications.

The Adventurer beam distance diagrams shown are for light output of only 0.25 lux, but the beam distance measurement we prefer to use is the European Isolux system that displays beam distance at one lux intensity, not 0.25 lux.

One Lux represents the intensity of the light of a full moon (under clear atmospheric conditions) or just sufficient light by which to read newsprint.

The beam distance at one lux intensity in the Adventurer lights is around half the distance shown in the diagrams. Our preliminary ‘sighting-in’ testing of the seven-inch round light pair confirmed that and we’ve since done a video test with them. Spread beam brightness was very good, but the distance beam was limited to around 500 metres.

Recommended Retail Prices range from $300 per light to $600 per light.

Check out the seven-inch round lights:

And here’s the footage of the 22-inch single-row light bar:




























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