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The LED revolution has now progressed to the ubiquitous festoon globe

The LED takeover of automotive and camping lighting is complete: LED festoon globes can now replace conventional incandescent ones.

Narva’s new LED festoon range consists of 31mm length globes in day white, cool white and warm red colouring. The longer 36mm LED globe comes in cool white only.

We’re testing 31mm and 36mm LED globes in our LandCruiser ute. Although the standard incandescent globe is a 36mm, we had no trouble bending the mounting tangs to adapt them to the 31mm warm red LED globe.

Our first test was the Narva warm red LED globe, because our background is sailing and most boats have warm red lighting in steering stations.

The reasoning is that the human eye is not well equipped for seeing in the dark. In daylight the eye adjusts fairly quickly to changing light conditions and closes down the pupil as the light increases, then opens it up as the light diminishes, eventually becoming wide open in extremely low light.

This situation is complicated
when driving a vehicle or boat at night, because the eye takes some time to adjust to low-light conditions and any bright light in the cabin makes that situation worse. Dimming the instrument lights and any any display screens is helpful, but if the interior light is turned on for any reason it
can greatly disturb night vision.

Warm red light assists night vision because its wavelength does not activate the low light receptor cells in our eyes, so a red interior globe should help.

We found that we could use the interior light while driving, but it didn’t give much illumination.

The cool white 36mm LED globe proved to be much more successful and we’re using it permanently now. It’s brilliantly white, remains much cooler than an incandescent globe and uses far less current.

We’ve been testing these globes for three years and have yet to replace one.
































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