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A neat alternative to traditional driving light mountings.


Fitting driving lights to modern 4WDs can be a challenge, but Lazer High Performance Lighting has integration kits to fit light bars into grilles and above windscreens, with and without roof racks.


Fitting traditionally-shaped driving lights can be a problem with modern 4WDs that have adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking camera lenses, and radar and lidar transmitters in the centres of their grilles.

In some cases round lights can be fitted to ‘roo or nudge bars, without issues, but in some vehicles – notably the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – no bar or lights can be mounted ahead of any part of the grille.

Lazer High Performance Lighting is a UK-based company, with offices and dealers in Australia. For many years, this driving light specialist has had to deal with the difficulty of mounting driving lights to vehicles in Northern Hemisphere markets, where bull bars and ‘roo bars are not popular or even illegal. 

As a result of the conflicting need for improved lighting, but no bar mounting positions, Lazer came up with integration solutions. 

The company produces kits to allow fitment of two driving lights or a single light bar into upper or lower 4WD vehicle grilles, where the lights can’t interfere with the operation of grille-mounted electronic systems. Each kit is vehicle specific, ensuring a neat, OEM-appearance installation.


Specific model fitment

Vehicle makers constantly challenge Lazer’s kit designers, because grille design changes are relatively cheap to engineer and make.

Examples are the different frontal treatments on HiLux ‘special’ models.

Following the launch of the flush-mount solution for the  Rogue grille, Lazer has released integrated Grille Kit solutions for the HiLux (2020+) Workmate (4×4), SR, and SR5 – all of which have distinctive frontal appearance.



Lazer’s specific HiLux grille mount brackets are made from UV-stable, ASA automotive-grade material and have been  designed to allow the choice of either Linear-6 or Triple-R 750 high-performance LED driving lights.



Another mid-2021 release is a grille insert kit for the latest Isuzu Ute D-Max, plus low-price roof-rail brackets, allowing a Linear light bar to be installed discreetly above the windscreen, without the need for roof rails or a roof rack.

Many RAM owners don’t want to fit ‘roo bars, so the Lazer grille insert kit is a good way to enhance lighting without ruining  frontal styling.



The latest release, in May 2022, was an integrated 24-inch Linear Elite model for the new Ford Raptor.



The vehicles above have greatly improved lighting, but it’s difficult to spot the external changes.

Lazer’s grille-insert kits have been precision-engineered for each vehicle, providing a secure, robust, auxiliary light installation that looks like a factory fitment.

The brackets and lights can be fitted with the grille still in place on the vehicle.

Supplied with each kit are; a pair of high performance LED driving lights, mounting brackets , cutting templates, security fasteners, and two-lamp wiring kit.



We checked out a HiLux insert fitment operation and found it well within the scope of any handy 4WD owner. The kit comes with all the necessary parts to suit specific 4WD models. This ensures that the finished installation looks factory-like.

Step one is to mark the grille section with the appropriate measurements and then cut out the plastic grille sections that will be replaced by the Lazer insert lights.

Next is fitting the supplied end brackets to the light bars and offering them up to the grille, then marking the attachment screw holes.

With the holes drilled, the bracket screws are inserted and tightened, and the installation is complete.

Check out the below factory video on fitting the Lazer kit to a Discovery 4.

Our testing of various Lazer products indicates that the ‘Elite’ versions have much better light output than the standard ones. The Elite models have an off-road setting that’s not legal for on-road use in Europe, but is fine for on-road use in Australia.

If we were buying one of the Lazer Grille installation kits we’d upgrade to Elite lights where possible.

For example, the common grille insert kit comes with two 3R light bars and we’d pay the extra for two Elite versions of the same bars. All the kit parts fit in exactly the same way, but the light output is considerably better.


Streamlined roof mountings


Another initiative is a series of vehicle-specific kits for roof-mounting light bars. The kits include brackets that fit into the vehicle’s recessed roof tracks, or onto the standard roof rails that come with the vehicle.

Also included are high-quality grommets, to ensure waterproof wiring entry through the roof and vehicle-specific wiring harnesses, with switches and relays. Lazer’s extensive range of light bars provides optimised bar length for specific vehicles.

We evaluated several Lazer driving light products in June-August 2020 and have reported on them.

Check our recent light tests in this section of the OTA website.





























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