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Bright headlight beams can be easily restored.

Many older 4WDs have plastic-faced headlight housings that have oxidised, giving them a distinctive hazy and yellow appearance. That ‘fogging’ and discolouration greatly reduces brightness and beam size, which is a dangerous situation for the driver and others on the road.

One solution is to replace the headlight
assembly, but that’s usually a very expensive process. Another is to rely on driving lights for distance and spread, but that makes the contrast worse when you click back to low beam.

An easier and cheaper process is to recondition the moulded plastic headlight coverings.

The Rain‑X Headlight Restoration Kit is a multi-step recondition process for yellowed, hazed headlights, using fine abrasives, a specially designed polish and a sealant.

Rain-X says that the multi-step kit provides a more thorough cleaning process than single-step products.

Firstly, three grades of sandpaper are used in sequence with a spray lubricant to remove yellow haze.

Secondly, a fine Rain‑X polish is used to remove scratches and minor imperfections.

Thirdly, a sealant is applied as the final step to slow future oxidation.

We picked up a Rain-X kit for around 60 bucks and set to work on a couple of badly affected vehicles.

The whole process worked as promised and each vehicle headlight recon took around half an hour. There was enough kit content left to do the vehicles again, in the future.

The photos tell the story: hazy lights on the left and restored lights on the right.





























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