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Never be in doubt again about battery condition.


This tiny device monitors battery health and displays data on a smartphone, via an app.

We bought our test 12V Certa Battery Analyser on-line through Kogan, when it was on a half-price special promotion. We figured if it didn’t work very well we’d have only lost 40 bucks, so no big deal. However, we were pleasantly surprised at its functionality and so we’ve ordered two more.

The Certa 6-20V unit measured only 46mm x 31.2 mm x 9.3mm and weighed only 72 grams. It came with double-sided sticky tape already in place, making it easy to mount on the top of the battery case.

The instruction leaflet came with a printed QR code that we used to download the Certa app, after we’d connected the device across our second under-bonnet battery terminals.

When we opened the app it showed that the unit was working immediately.

After a few weeks durability testing, involving rough road and off-road driving, plus a couple of deep-water crossings, we’re pleased to report that the Certa device worked brilliantly.

It can be programmed to provide battery condition updates at regular times, even when we’re nowhere near the vehicle. 

The Certa Battery Analyser is Android and iOS compatible sends battery health notifications via Bluetooth, covering: engine start detection and automatic cranking test; driving time; abnormal data alerts; short-circuit and reverse polarity protection and historical data with 35 days of offline storage.

The automatic cranking test operates for every engine start, letting you know when the cranking voltage drops, so that you can pre-emptively charge or replace the battery. For a 12V system, the voltage often drops to 7.5V–11V, but if the cranking voltage is below 7.5V, it indicates an abnormal result.

The battery level function displays battery capacity; the battery voltage function displays battery voltage in real time and another report is the battery’s voltage curve.

A trip function records each start, stop and drive time of the vehicle, and displays how many days the battery has been used.

There’s an alternator test function and the instructions are given on the app, including prompts for engine idle and operating speeds.

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