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App-enabled location sharing between connected UHF radios.


Uniden’s 2021 App-enabled XTRAK PRO Series of in-vehicle and handheld UHF radios can track and share the user’s location through the XTRAK Bluetooth App. 



Whether in the car with the XTRAK 80 PRO, or on foot with XTRAK 50 PRO, line-of-sight contact can initiate an advanced positional tracking and Location- Sharing feature, through the Uniden XTRAK App.

Uniden XTRAK radios have high-contrast, anti-glare OLED displays and a backlit keypad on the in-vehicle UHF radio. Sound comes from a powerful, integrated two-watt speaker and four-level voice enhancers that enable clarity in noisy environments. 

Bluetooth connection is available on the XTRAK 80 PRO, connecting to the vehicle’s audio speakers.



Uniden’s one-touch, instant-replay function recalls communications received up to six minutes prior. Although his has been a popular feature of Uniden in-vehicle UHF radios for many years, this is the first time it’s ben available on UHF hand-held radios.

A Smart Key also helps to toggle between instant channel, call tone or equaliser.

The Bluetooth XTRAK App is available for iOS and Android and is said to be simple to pair, after which it pinpoints a map position of the UHF radio. The App also gives access to setting controls on the radio, allowing the management of Selcall contacts and extra receive channels, as well as sending in-App, text messages.

The new XTRAK range is also available in non-PRO versions, without Location Sharing.



Magnetic microphone mounts come with in-vehicle XTRAK and XTRAK PRO radios. The XTRAK 50 UHF hand-held series is waterproof.

Pricing for the Uniden XTRAK 80 in-vehicle radio at launch was $449.95 RRP and the XTRAK 50 hand-held radio had a $329.95 RRP.

Uniden XTRAK 80 PRO, with Location Sharing App was $549.95 RRP and the XTRAK 50 PRO with Location Sharing App was $449.95 RRP.

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