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Location sharing between smartphone and connected UHF radios.


Uniden Australia’s latest range can keep you connected no matter where you are. 



The XTRAK 50 Pro handheld and XTRAK 80 Pro in-vehicle UHF radios offer app-enabled location sharing between a handheld and in-vehicle UHF radio, said to be a first in the industry. 

The location of the radio can be shared through the XTRAK Bluetooth app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The app also helps manage selective calling (Selcall) contacts and additional receive channels.  Access to settings controls and sending in-app text messages can also be done.

It’s possible to know exactly where a caller is – in-vehicle or on foot – by using the app’s advanced positional tracking and location sharing features. Tracking works even when the smartphone isn’t connected to the mobile network, because the XTRAK UHF radio uses the smartphone for the map display and GPS antenna only. It uses the GPS antennas and transmits the location through the UHF frequency. 



The XTRAK 80 Pro has an anti-glare OLED display and backlit keypad. Integrated two-watt speakers and four-level voice enhancers enable maximum sound clarity in noisy environments. Bluetooth connection is available on the XTRAK 80 Pro, connecting to the vehicle’s audio speakers.

Uniden’s one-touch instant replay can record up to six minutes of recently received communications and is available in-car and handheld as well.

A smart key lets you toggle between instant channels, monitor, call tone, quality or equaliser.

Both radios have around 17-18 kilometres of line-of-sight range and a standby time of up to 30 hours.


XTRAK 50 Pro and XTRAK 80 Pro UHF radios are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, from extreme heat to heavy rain.

In addition to the XTRAK PRO radios, Uniden has a Bluetooth headset with a high-quality microphone.



Uniden XTRAK 50 Pro five-watt waterproof smart UHF handheld radio with large OLED display, location sharing, waterproof and one touch instant replay function – RRP: $449.95 

Uniden XTRAK 80 Pro Smart UHF radio with large OLED display, location sharing through app and instant replay – RRP: $549.95

XTRAK 4×4 Pro Pack – (XTRAK 80 Pro plus ATX970S Antenna) – RRP $719.95


XTRAK Ultimate Pack – (XTRAK 80 Pro + XTRAK 50 Pro and ATX970S Antenna) – RRP $999.95



























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