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A two-way with nationwide range is now available .

ToooAir is claimed to be Australia’s first two-way radio style transceiver using a cellular network, providing push-to-talk communication across Australia, using the Telstra network.


In addition to nationwide push-to-talk
communications the ToooAir system incorporates tunnel, basement and in-building coverage; GPS tracking; dispatching software and voice and text messaging.

The ToooAir Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) system consists of a three-product range: a compact unit, a mobile mounted unit and a handheld device.

Unlike traditional LMR/PMR radio networks, ToooAir’s PTToC product provides Australia-wide communication through a simple one-to-one or one-to-many, two-way radio style system, by utilising the cellular mobile phone network. The system uses the data network, so coverage is better than via the voice network, especially in weak-signal areas.

General manager of ToooAir, Peter Langbart, stated that traditional LMR and PMR radio systems simply aren’t meeting modern demands.

“Australia’s workforce is becoming more geographically diverse and this causes issues for dated communications systems which rely on the close proximity of users,” he said.

“ToooAir’s Push-to-Talk over Cellular technology solves this issue and has added capabilities such as dispatch software and GPS tracking that aren’t provided by other products.”

ToooAir products are:

The TA-308 compact unit weighing 225 grams with an LCD display indicating calling party, group, signal strength and GPS acquisition. The product also has two quick-call buttons for individual and group calls.

The TA-300 mountable mobile device with a reversible LCD display, auto power-on sensing and internal antennas powering strong reception in difficult areas.

The TA-388 handheld device with a claimed two days’ battery life has programmable function keys, colour display, an easy menu, SOS emergency calling and USB charging.

Pricing of each unit is in the $430 to $600 range and unlimited “talk” time is about $30 per month for Australia-wide Telstra coverage.




































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