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Holders that safely locate phones and other devices while wirelessly charging them.

This specialist automotive electrical and electronics company’s range of wireless chargers can charge a compatible device without the need to plug in a power cable.


The latest Android and Apple smartphone models can be wirelessly charged and some new 4WDs come with a wireless charging pad in their centre consoles. The problem with many of these is that they don’t retain the phone positively, allowing it to fall on the floor if the vehicle corners briskly or travels on rough roads.

Narva’s wireless chargers use in-built induction coils that create a transformer when adjacent to the induction coils in a wirelessly-chargeable device. When an electromagnetic field is generated by the charging station, it creates an electrical current in the device’s coil and that current flows into the battery.




Narva’s Wireless Charger range consists of five models, providing users with optimum choice, depending if the charger is to be used in a vehicle, in a caravan, at home or work, or a combination of several.

Ideal for use at home or in-vehicle, the Wireless Phone Charging Mat features a silicon moulded base with three in-built coils, providing a generous charging area to make correct phone positioning easier. The Charging Mat also benefits from anti-slip texture and raised edges to help keep the phone in place.

Specially developed for use in vehicles, the Wireless Phone Charging Cup is designed to sit in a cup holder and is equipped with a phone slot designed to fit phones up to 6.5-inch in screen size.

Also ideal for car, 4WD or commercial vehicle is the Wireless Charging Air Vent Phone Holder. Its air vent mounting and gravity lock system holds the phone and charges it as the vehicle is driven. The phone is removed from this charger by simply lifting it out of the holder.

Providing additional in-vehicle mounting options is the new Wireless Charging Magnetic Phone Holder. This product can either be affixed to a vehicle’s louvered vents via the fastening back, or alternatively can be secured to other areas on the dashboard or similar, using the included 3M tape.

Unlike the other wireless chargers, this model is equipped with a magnetic face to which the phone securely attaches.

Rounding out Narva’s new range is the Wireless Charging Suction Mount Phone Holder. This model sticks to the windscreen using a suction cup and can easily be removed when not in use by pressing the quick release function at the base of the holder. The phone is secured in the holder using two pinch tabs.

Narva’s new Wireless Chargers are available from leading automotive, recreational and transport outlets nationwide at prices starting from approximately $59.00.


Suction mount version on test



We evaluated a suction mount model in the third quarter of 2019 and were so pleased with it that we bought two of them.

The suction cup mount proved easy to fit and had a tenacious grip that resisted our rough road test track and also withstood a summer windscreen ‘baking’ that dislodged some competitive suction cup mounts.

The supplied USB power cable plugged into one of our 12V outlets, just as the normal iPhone cable used to do.

Adjustable side grips can handle most ‘maxi’ phones and easily accept our iPhone 11 normal-size Pro phones. The phone is simply dropped into the holder when we get into our ‘Cruiser ute and a small blue LED indicates that it’s wirelessly charging.

We use our phones for navigation and music, as well as hands-free calls, so they’re on duty all the time. It’s reassuring to know that the battery won’t be depleted while we’re travelling.

The Narva Suction Mount positively locates our phone and takes care of charging in a one-handed operation that’s much easier than having to plug in a cable.

After our 2020 bush trip we noticed that the charging light was fluctuating and we traced the problem to the supplied USB cable. We replaced it with a heavier-duty cable and full power was restored.



In early-2022 we noticed that the suction cup had become very ‘tacky’ and the mount had slipped down the windscreen, leaving a sticky residue behind.

We removed the charger head from the now-slippery mount and bonded it to one of our proved RAM mounts and all is well.