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This app provides the time and direction of weather changes.

We’re all familiar with weather radar displays, but this new Doctor App product takes weather radar to a new dynamic level and displays it on your Apple iPhone or Watch.

Everyone who has weather-dependent work
or leisure pursuits knows the value of on-line weather information. Forecasts and radar displays are a crucial part of that information stream.

However, it’s not easy to predict from weather forecasts and radar images what the weather will be in your precise locality.

How many times have you looked at a radar image and tried to work out when that highlighted red or black deluge will descend on you?

Windspeed and direction at your precise location can be difficult to assess.

Also, it’s not always convenient or safe to check an iPad or iPhone to update weather information. Enter the Weather Watch app.

This new app is designed to display weather information and radar imaging on your Apple Watch 3 or 4. That means a movement of the wrist can show you exactly what the weather is doing, in your GPS location, in words and pictures.

Of course, it also displays on your iPhone or iPad, where it provides more detail.

The display can scroll through radar imaging, current temperature, forecast maximum and minimum temperatures, wind speed and UV index.

But wait, there’s more – a lot more.

Unlike existing forecasts and radar displays Doctor Weather shows the direction the weather pattern is following and its predicted arrival time
at your location.

A predictive vector algorithm works out the speed and direction of a weather change and displays the likely movement in a v-shape – the ‘cone of threat’ we’ve called it – on the radar display.

In the case of a severe weather front, Doctor Weather will display the direction of the front, wind strength and the ETA in your locality.

Critical for bush walkers and lake or coastal boat users are wind speed and direction forecasts, precisely targeted at where you are.

Doctor Weather costs $4.99 and displays on your Apple Watch, but requires a nearby iPhone.

We’ve tested the Doctor Weather app for accuracy in varying weather conditions and it operated successfully in mobile-phone-covered areas all around Australia.

Doctor Weather is available through the Apple App Store.

We know the Doctor Weather app developers are reputable, because we’re related to one of them!






























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